Our job is to provide the musical
landscape for your wonderful event

Fortune Entertainment

Don't just hire anybody for your event! Hire Fortune Entertainment! Not only are we just saying that we're quality entertainers, we are offering you proof through our list of live performances below.


“Does your band cover a wide repertoire: Swing, Hip Hop, Rock to Ethnic?" asks
 “Julian” of Fortune Entertainment. “Variety and authenticity are key. Look for how close the band sounds to the original artists you enjoy.
“A state of the art sound system is also a must,” he says. “The size of your room determines the size system that should be used. Find out if your band travels with multiple systems. Also, are they willing to learn a few songs that may not be on their current list?”
Recently the band performed at a Hawaiian-themed wedding. “They converted the whole place into a luau. We even dressed Hawaiian style, leis included,” says Julian.
As he notes, choices for ceremony music have expanded over the years, moving from pieces like “Pachebel’s Canon” and other classics, to even include songs like “When You Wish Upon a Star.”
“Traditional is mixed with contemporary,” he says. “Many brides we work with want alternatives to the typical classical pieces usually played. Cocktail music should range from light jazz to a hint of classical. Some show tunes are nice, and it’s good to include contemporary upbeat music recognizable by guests.
“For your reception, cover the age ranges invited to your party, and of course let your entertainers impart their expertise, which will only heighten the excitement on your dance floor!
“We’ve had the same musicians with our office for many, many years, so our repertoire is huge and the band is tight,” says Julian. They’ve played shows, governors balls, concerts, black tie events, and of course thousands of weddings as well.
“Our singers offer vocal simulations of original artists, and must be heard to be believed! We pride ourselves on our personalized service. You deal directly with me, the bandleader,” says Julian. “I work out all the musical details with you every step of the way.”
Started in 1987, the band members have all led their own bands, recorded and toured with major artists, from Ben E. King to Christina Aguilera. “Our music covers Rock, Hip Hop, Motown, Swing, and Show Music, from the 50’s through the 90’s.” They also offer a DJ combo with most packages, “to spin the latest contemporary hits.
“Our job is to provide the musical landscape for your wonderful event,” says Julian. “For me, there is no better feeling than going to work and creating an instant party! How many people are that lucky? We love what we do and it shows.”

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