There is no doubt that Julian and Dominique are an incredible multiple award-winning musical duo. The real fun, however — and there is much of it — lies in simply watching them run riot, riff with each other, play with the audience, and just have a grand old time once again playing sweet, musical classics. With their simpatico rhythms, the two demonstrate the art of great musical pairings: Julian's “Voices “tightly-wound, cool earnestness perfectly counterbalances Dominique's hot vocal harmonies. The 2023 Nashville Music Awards are proud to honor them for the second year in a row.


Al Bowman

President of Nashville PRG

Nashville Public Relations Group



2023 AWARD


“Julian and Dominique have received accolades and recognition from multiple, established awards programs over the past several years. They are America's premiere musical duo. The 2022 Nashville Music Awards list of recipients is made so much better with the addition of these two”. 



Al Bowman  President of Nashville PRG 

 Nashville Public Relations Group

2022 AWARD

East Coast Hall of Fame 2022

Thank you again to the East Coast Hall of Fame Family for nominating Dominique and myself in the "Best Music Makers Catagory Male/Female we are totally honored to be among this elite group of talent. We congratulate all our fellow nominees. 

Kudos to the inductees Bobby Wilson & Doreen Arminio in the Best Music Makers Male & Female... 

Congrats !

 It was an amazing two days! Keeping live music alive! Some pictures......from our adventure!


MC Gene DiNapoli

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